CFPB considers ending public access to bank complaints

A new report from the Wall Street Journal says the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is considering ending the public’s access to its complaints database for financial companies. “I don’t see anything in here that says I have to run a Yelp for financial services sponsored by the federal government,” Mulvaney told an audience at the American Bankers Association’s conference while holding up a copy of the Dodd-Frank Act.

U.S. Treasury boasts deregulation reform accomplishments

Tuesday, the U.S. Department of the Treasury released a 21-page report entitled Regulatory Reform Accomplishments Under President Trump’s Executive Orders, which, as the title suggests, details the actions it has taken toward decreasing regulations.

China Oceanwide’s $2.7 billion acquisition of Genworth Financial still on hold

It’s been 18 months since China Oceanwide Holdings Group, one of China’s largest companies, announced that it planned to buy Genworth Financial, one of the U.S.’s largest mortgage insurers, for $2.7 billion, but the deal still isn’t done yet. The deal was initially expected to close in the middle of last year, and now, the closing is delayed again.

Q&A: Tavant Technologies’ Atul Varshneya on artificial intelligence and machine learning

During the Mortgage Bankers Association’s recent Tech Solutions conference, HousingWire sat down with Tavant Technologies’ Atul Varshneya to discuss the disruption that artificial intelligence and machine learning can cause in the lending and mortgage spaces. Varshneya works at Tavant as a vice president and leads the company’s artificial intelligence/machine learning (AIML) practice, which has a strong focus on its application in the areas of mortgage and lending. 

FHFA on credit score delivery: forgotten lessons

Recently, FHFA posted a Request for Input asking for opinions concerning options for changing the delivery of credit scores to the GSEs, underwriters and investors. FHFA is considering various options to change the current system. Any such choice, in the end, is the outcome of a detailed cost-benefit analysis, but while FHFA acknowledges this, they fall short of providing the necessary framework for reaching an informed conclusion.

The Top 10 Items to Include in Your Community’s Disaster Preparedness Plan

Disaster preparedness is key for a successful response and recovery process for any community association dealing with an unexpected emergency. Having a plan helps to reduce anxiety and fear among unit owners and board members because it helps you know what to expect and provides a structure to follow.  Below are ten items that every community should include in a disaster preparedness plan.    Read the article……………….

How to Keep the Annual Meeting From Becoming a Marathon

There are many ways to keep your co-op’s or condominium’s annual meeting from turning into the New York City Marathon. One of the best is to hold the meeting it someplace other than your building. It’s a tradeoff: convening at a nearby venue costs money, and it might lessen turnout since people have to make a trek; but there’s also an upside.  “If you’re having meeting at a local church or temple or school, there’s always an end time,” says attorney Jeffrey Reich, a partner at Schwartz Sladkus Reich Greenberg Atlas. “That’s the benefit of meeting outside the building.” And if you can’t do that, then simply tell people the polls are closing. “Tell them that management’s going home, and the attorney has to go home. It’s unreasonable to think your professionals should be out at a meeting after 9 o’clock at night.” Same goes for the venue’s janitor.     Read the article……………….

Choosing The Right Contractor

Spring is synonymous with warming temperatures (in theory), greater daylight hours, and community association enhancement and repair projects.  Choosing the right contractor for your association project helps the job remain on time – and on budget. So, how DO you choose the best contractor for your project?    Read the article……………….

Are HOA Rental Caps Worth It?

When your HOA allows rentals, whether short-term or long-term, it brings up a number of questions. One of the issues that an HOA board will face is whether or not they want to issue a rental cap. Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of this rule will help determine whether or not this is an appropriate choice for your association.    Read the article…………………