Do condo and co-op board members have to disclose conflicts of interest? (NY)

The state legislature recently passed a law that will make life a little more difficult, and legislators hope, a little less ripe for self-dealing, for co-op and condo board members.  “The law, which goes into effect January 1st, requires co-op and condo board members to disclose any potential conflicts of interests to their fellow owners annually, and if there is nothing to report, to distribute a report reflecting that,” says co-op and condo attorney Steven Wagner of the firm Wagner Berkow. “The law also requires that board members get a copy of the state corporation law governing conflicts annually.   Read the article……………

Cloudvirga names Stephen DeSantis chief financial officer

Cloudvirga, a provider of mortgage process automation, announced Tuesday that the company hired Stephen DeSantis to serve as its new chief financial officer. In this role, DeSantis will be responsible for “driving Cloudvirga’s financial strategies to accelerate its growth.”

Having the right infrastructure is key to disposition efficiency

In the best of circumstances, disposition is a challenging business process. When you add in the complexity of unforeseen events, like this year’s hurricanes in the Southeast and wildfires in the West, it only underscores the importance of having the right infrastructure in place to support maximum efficiency when it comes to the successful marketing and selling of foreclosed properties.

New American Funding expands in New Mexico

New American Funding announced it is expanding its territory with a new branch in the Southwest. This branch, the company’s first in Santa Fe, New Mexico, will provide a wide range of purchase and refinance products, including a diverse offering of niche products.

Blighted Michigan homes expose residents to hazardous materials if demolished

House demolitions through the Hardest Hit Fund’s Blight Elimination Program in Michigan could expose residents to hazardous materials and other risks, according to a new report conducted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on behalf of the Office of the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program. Here’s a list of the most likely risks, along with the ways to fix them.

Dealing With Difficult People In Your Homeowner’s Association

Living in a homeowner association, there is likelihood of running into someone that is, how should we say it, less than happy. We all have to deal with difficult people at some point. Some focus on what they don’t like about a person (loudmouth, condescending tone, etc) and then hope they will change. Not surprisingly, this rarely creates the change we desire.     Read the article………………….

Guild Mortgage expands in Midwest with three branch openings

Guild Mortgage announced it is opening three new locations in North Dakota. And the company’s plans for expansion don’t stop there. Continuing its momentum from 2016 when the company came in 15th in the nation by total number of loans, the company will open several new North Dakota locations within the next year.

PHH adds Albert Celini as senior vice president, risk and compliance

The management shakeup at PHH Corp. continued Monday when the company announced that it hired Albert Celini as senior vice president, risk and compliance. But Celini will only serve in the role for a little over a month. On Jan. 1, 2018, Celini will assume the role of chief risk and compliance officer, replacing Leith Kaplan, who will step down on Dec. 31, 2017.

Industry veterans launch Chicago-based bemortgage

The list of players in the mortgage industry continues to grow, as a group of industry veterans announced the launch of bemortgage. The group brings more than 100 years of combined mortgage experience to the new Chicago-based mortgage company.