Malaysia: A three-step problem-solving method to common issues in strata living

Unrectified defects, stubborn owners who refuse to comply with house rules, late issuance of strata titles, inter-floor leaks — these are some of the issues that may bring grief to strata residential owners.  But how can they resolve these problems? In order to bring certainty to strata property owners, Chur Associates founder and managing partner Chris Tan offered a simple three-step problem-solving method for common issues that crop up in strata living:    Read the article………………..

Community Association Social Media Best Practices: Risks and Solutions

Social media is an outstanding tool for disseminating information, creating community and accurately targeting the right audiences for your messages. However, there are risks involved. HOAs and condo association boards must take a proactive and educated approach to this communication tool to avoid negative consequences.  Social media, to say the least, is complex. It provides a venue for good and a podium for bad and sometimes the best intentions can result in the worst of results.  Social media is as complex and layered as the human beings that use it.    Read the article………………

Q&A: LoanScoreCard’s Ben Wu on the rise of non-QM lending

In a Q&A with HousingWire, Ben Wu, executive director of LoanScorecard, discusses the recent surge in non-agency/non-QM mortgage lending, the challenges in that market and how technology can be utilized to help lenders with these challenges. As Wu points out, “With more than 20 million sole proprietors in the U.S., there is pent-up demand for mortgage product that can accept income documentation other than the ‘Appendix Q’ requirement of QM loans.”

Notarize raises $20 million, with help from housing giants Lennar and Realogy

Notarize, a digital platform that allows for legal, online document notarization, announced this week that it raised $20 million in its Series B round of funding. The capital raise nearly doubles the amount of money the company has raised so far. But what’s more interesting than Notarize raising $20 million is where the money is coming from.

Another scandal: Wells Fargo alters corporate customers’ documents

Wells Fargo finds itself in the midst of yet another scandal as a new report surfaces, showing the employees in the unit which handles its business banking illegally altered its customers’ documents. And this latest scandal stems from actions taken by employees in 2017 and even early 2018 as they rushed to meet deadlines.

Arbor Realty Trust closes sale of $25M in senior unsecured notes

Arbor Realty Trust appears to be gearing up for a run of investments, announcing its second money-making move this week. Following the company’s Wednesday announcement that its selling 5.5 million shares, Arbor Trust announced on Thursday it closed the sale of $25 million in unsecured senior notes.

Freedom of Speech and Disruptive Owners

Social media, blogs, and websites are the new normal of daily living in 2018. People post their thoughts, pictures and videos with the swipe of their phone sometimes without regard to accuracy or repercussions. This is a problem in communities where residents, managers, employees and others living and working in close proximity (no matter how large the community) tend to rub each other the wrong way sometimes. So what happens when an irate Owner starts posting personal information about the other residents, managers, employees and vendors online?     Read the article……………….

Strategies for Working with Condo Association Contractors

Keeping your Condo Association in good repair requires you to actively engage with an entire ecosystem of Condo Association contractors. Professionals such as engineers, roofers, plumbers and more are required to keep things going. Your building Management will likely handle many of the interactions. Eventually, you will likely work with a project of sufficient magnitude that the Board will need to be involved. These strategies for working with Condo Association contractors will help you ensure things go smoothly.    Read the article……………….

FDCPA & Debts That Can Cause Despair

The Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”) 15 U.S.C.A. § 1692, et seq. applies to attorneys engaged in the collection of debt for community associations. The language contained in demand letters is a frequent source of FDCPA litigation. Liability is often imposed based on certain words contained in or omitted from the letter.    Read the article……………….