6 Reasons to Build Relationships with Your Local Government

Oftentimes when we think of government, we focus on the federal government – but there are plenty of local governmental offices that can significantly impact your community, like your city council or county authorities, school board, water district and special districts. Additionally, state senators, representatives and governors also heavily influence how our associations function.  That’s only one reason why it’s time to get to know the people in these offices if you haven’t already. Below are six other reasons that introducing yourself to local and state officials can benefit your community.     Read the article………………

Can You Install Solar Panels on Condominium Common Areas? (CA)

The Board of Directors for most condominium associations in California have felt very comfortable in the past letting owners know that they could not install solar on the common area roof. The roof is common area after all and its maintenance and replacement are the association’s responsibility. Those things remain true but with the passage of AB 634 the association must allow the installation of solar on the common area roof, as well as roofs of the exclusive use carport or garage of a condominium.     Read the article………………

Choosing Florida Friendly Landscaping in an HOA Community?

During the first part of today’s show we were exploring the ways people can reduce the amount of water and fertilizer they use on their yards in order to reduce their environmental footprint, and not contribute to the harmful algal blooms we’re seeing in local waters.   But, what if you live in a community that frowns upon non-traditional yards — in other words, yards that don’t feature lush, bright green grass that requires fertilizer, herbicide and plenty of water?    Listen to the audio………………

A trick for resolving disagreements

Question:  I live in a small planned unit development with four families. This is the second year we have lived in the community, as it is a new development. The control box for the sprinkler system is in my backyard. The park-strip grass we all share is watered by a valve in that control box. Every summer, I consult the water conservation website for irrigation frequency, and follow that guideline. This means that the grass is not lush and green, but rather, closer to yellow in color.  My retired neighbor is extremely unhappy about this and badgers me relentlessly to increase the watering for that area. He has become hostile and abusive     Read the article………………

Fannie Mae begins 8th sale of re-performing loans

Fannie Mae announced Tuesday it began marketing its eighth re-performing loan sale as part of its ongoing effort to reduce its retained mortgage portfolio. This latest sale consists of about 18,400 loans with an unpaid principal balance of about $3.59 billion.

One in four homes are now equity rich

Nearly a quarter of U.S. properties with mortgages are equity rich, according to a recent report from ATTOM Data Solutions. The Western region led the charge with the highest percentage of equity-rich properties, as four out of the top five metros with the highest percentages were in California.

First-time homebuyers dominate mortgage market

First-time homebuyers may be facing rising affordability issues, but they are still outpacing the share of repeat buyers in the housing market. This is nothing new, as first-time homebuyers have dominated the mortgage market for the past 10 years, but the latest data from the Urban Institute shows that gap actually continues to grow.

WSJ: Top risk exec to leave Wells Fargo

According to reporting from the Wall Street Journal, Wells Fargo’s Chief Operational Risk Officer Mark D’Arcy is leaving Wells to “pursue opportunities outside of the company.” He will be succeeded by Mark Weintraub, the bank’s head of audit for consumer banking.