5 Effective Personality Types for the HOA Board

There are many types of personalities that can hurt your Homeowners Association Board. But, it doesn’t take much to turn this around, as the same personalities could be your best allies. How do you make the turn, you ask? Evaluate each of your HOA board member personalities – yourself included – following our 5 Effective HOA Board Personality Types. Start aligning roles and tasks based on their individual skill sets!    Read the article……………….

Creating Additional HOA Revenue

Unexpected expenses are unavoidable, even for an HOA. Whether they come as a result of natural causes, like weather or pests, or from unforeseen maintenance issues, there may come a time when your HOA dues simply can’t cover the costs of running the community.  Below are some ideas of how to bring in extra funds to help your HOA get back on track financially:    Read the article………………

HOA Fees, Credit Ratings, and More

Too many people fail to pay attention to the impact HOA fees have on homeownership. HOAs are serious about collecting the fees owed to them. When fees are unpaid, it can have devastating consequences for current homeowners and people looking to buy another home who left unpaid fees at a previous community.      Read the article……………

When there’s water damage in a co-op or condo, who pays for the repairs?

If you’re facing a water damage issue in your apartment, who ends up paying will depend on where the water is coming from, and in some cases, who caused the leak, says Steven Wagner, a co-op and condo attorney with Wagner Berkow LLP and a longtime board member of his own 420-unit Manhattan co-op. It will also depend on whether your building is a co-op or a condo.     Read the article…………….

9 Suggestions to Help Limit Speeding in Community Associations

Over the past few years, our firm has heard horror stories from association boards and residents regarding owners, residents and vendors speeding and/or failing to obey traffic signals on association streets.  Drivers who do not obey the speed limit within an association are a growing problem for community associations. Association residents want to feel safe in their front yards or while they are walking in their neighborhood. Traffic speed limits are designed to keep association members safe by posting maximum vehicular speeds. Factors such as street location, street size and number of vehicles per day are all used to determine the safest speed vehicles should travel.  Set forth below are 9 suggestions for associations with speeding problems:   Read the article…………………..

Top 5 Tactics to Prevent Vandalism in Community Associations

Vandalism has been an issue with both condominiums and homeowners associations for as long as these communities have existed. As you can expect, instances of vandalism seem to increase during the summer months when kids are out of school. Vandalism can be relatively minor and easily repaired—like soup suds in the community fountain. Or it can cause serious damage to common elements requiring closure and extensive repairs—like graffiti. Many communities with an entrance gate will experience some form of damage to the gate. Please note that there is no full proof system to prevent vandalism, but with these tips maybe your community association can prevent serious and repetitive damage from occurring. This blog will address the top five tactics for your community association to combat and prevent vandalism.     Read the article……………….

How to Minimize Maintenance Expenses and Keep HOA Fees From Increasing

We all know how important it is to try and consider taking a green approach in our daily routines. What if you could go green while also helping the community in your homeowners association? Residents can help their homeowners association minimize its maintenance expenses, which can also avoid HOA fees from increasing, by observing a few simple green considerations.     Read the article……………….

Can or Should Community Associations Impose Firearm Regulations through Governing Documents

We are all familiar with the case involving Trayvon Martin, a teenager who was shot and killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer. In 2012, David Merritt, president of the Spring Creek Homeowners Association, called a homeowners association meeting to order. Approximately 30 minutes later, Merritt, and former president of Spring Creek Marvin Fisher, would be fatally shot by their neighbor, Mahmood Hindi. The dispute between Hindi and Spring Creek involved an unapproved driveway and fence installed by Hindi. Hindi was charged with murder, but committed suicide in jail prior to his trial. Other examples of violence within mandatory membership communities can readily be identified.     Read the article……………..

Community Associations Should Make Effective Use of Social Media

There is no doubt that the use of social media can save community associations time and money with some of their communications and outreach efforts aimed at their owners and residents. Adding new posts with photos and videos to an association’s social media pages is simple and free, and millions of Americans are now visiting Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and others on a daily basis.    Read the article……………..