How Emotions Infect Healthy Association Board Meetings

What causes otherwise polite people to lose their cool in community associations.   A rather unfortunate product of today’s news media fed culture is that – from talk radio hosts, to the nightly news – emotions in conflicts are held in higher regard than truth. There can be beauty in dissonance, but only when paired with a sincere quest for finding common ground, rather than protecting or promoting our egos. The key is recognizing what damages this quest.    Read the article……………..

Consistency Is a Virtue in Rules Enforcement; Exceptions Should be Limited and Fair

Consistency may be “the hobgoblin of little minds,” as Ralph Waldo Emerson suggested. But it is also an article of faith for many condominium boards, who fear, and rightly so, that if they don’t enforce rules consistently, they may not be able to enforce them at all.  Exceptions can all too easily swallow a rule. Owners will have little incentive to obey rules they see others ignoring without consequences. Inconsistent or selective enforcement can also expose associations to discrimination charges if boards punish minorities for infractions they regularly overlook in others. But there are some limited circumstances in which exceptions are reasonable, and some situations in which they may be required.      Read the article…………………

What Foreclosure Means to Your Homeowners Association

Foreclosure is a bit of a dirty word. Nobody wants to see anyone thrown out of their home – but it happens.  There are basically two different kinds of foreclosure homeowners association need to worry about: Foreclosure by the bank and foreclosure by the association itself.  When a bank forecloses on a home in the development there are three things the association is concerned with – getting the unpaid HOA dues, keeping the property maintained if it is standing vacant, and making sure that the rules are followed when the bank sells the home to another person.     Read the article………………….

The Importance of Using Technology In Condo Associations

Technology has been transforming our society and an incredibly rapid pace. A smartphone has comparable computing power than all of the NASA computers that sent a man to the moon. And smart phones are now used by over 200 million people. Despite this rapid adoption in nearly every aspect of our life, for some reason community Associations struggle with technology. Oddly, you just don’t see much technology in Condo Associations.    Read the article………………

Stapleton’s name change debate is about the nature of community, and that’s why it’s so divisive (CO)

Forest City, the master developer of the Stapleton community, recently made a change, quietly and without fanfare. The company took down the word “Stapleton” from the signage around the shopping center at East 29th Avenue and Quebec Street. Now it’s just E. 29th Avenue Town Center.

In an interview, Forest City Stapleton Vice President Tom Gleason downplayed the significance of the change and cast it as part of a natural evolution.

“As the town center became more established, we felt it didn’t need the name,” he said.

For some people, Stapleton has never been just a name, but any movement to formally change the name of the community that’s been built on the site of Denver’s old municipal airport — an airport that was named after the mayor who helped develop it, who was a member of the Ku Klux Klan and installed Klan members throughout city government — has proceeded in fits and starts.     Read the article………………


Handling Requests for Assistance Animals – Guidance for Boards When Things Get Hairy (WI)

Many condominium associations have rules regarding pets. Some associations place restrictions on the type, breed and number of pets, and some impose limitations on the weight and size of pets. Some associations prohibit pets altogether. These types of pet rules are enforceable, except when a pet is considered an “assistance animal” to a person with a “disability” under fair housing laws.  When faced with a request for an assistance animal, the board is put in a difficult position. On the one hand, board members often feel compassion and have a desire to help their fellow neighbor. On the other hand, other owners often purchase in a condominium with pet restrictions due to pet allergies, fear of animals or for cleanliness purposes. The board must balance enforcement of the association’s governing documents while staying in compliance with state and federal law. Not an easy task!    Read the article………………

9 Things You Need to Know About Homeowners’ Associations

When you purchase a condominium, townhouse or another type of property in a planned development such as a leased land property or a gated community, you are obligated to join that community’s homeowners’ association (HOA) and pay monthly or annual HOA fees for the upkeep of common areas and the building. If you are considering purchasing one of these types of properties, you should be aware of the following nine things about homeowners’ associations and how they work before you buy.   Read the article………………

Signs by Homeowners in HOA Communities Cause a Stir That Can Be Avoided

A fairly common problem area for homeowners association communities is the use of lawn signs by residents, especially during election season. When HOAs attempt to crack down on the use of signs in accordance with their governing documents, they sometimes become the subject of unfavorable media attention.   Such was the case recently in St. Cloud, Fla. near Orlando when an HOA’s battle with some of its homeowners over a yard sign supporting law enforcement became one of the lead stories by the local Fox Network television affiliate for Central Florida.    Read the article……………

Tips for Urgent Condo Association Repairs

Things breaking is part of life in any home, and a Condo is no different. Even with the best preventative maintenance schedule, you may have unexpected part failures or have a system fail due to external factors, like weather. These can result in inconveniences you can live with until repairs are made – for example, losing one of six elevators. In other cases, you may have things that need to be repaired immediately, such as losing a hot water heater or air conditioning in the summer. When you’re in crisis mode, there are several things you need to consider to effectively carry out urgent Condo Association repairs.     Read the article…………….

How To Tell If Your HOA Needs Financial Management Improvement (MD)

Many HOA boards like to stick with tradition due to the round robin of volunteers and elected members every year. This means that it can take a huge mistake to shake up the routine, and many hope that it doesn’t hit where it really hurts: Financial management.  Here’s how to tell if your homeowners association needs to improve their financial situation before it’s too late:     Read the article…………….