Adequate Reserves – (Finally!) Defined

Many, if not most Governing Documents require the Board to set aside “adequate Reserves” to care for the common areas. But what exactly are “adequate Reserves”?  I was recently challenged to define the concept of adequate Reserves by a number of attorneys and D&O carriers. The attorneys wanted to know how to give liability exposure counsel to Boards to help them avoid claims of “inadequate Reserves”. The D&O carriers wish to understand what is and isn’t responsible behavior, as it affects their loss exposure from claims levied by disgruntled homeowners.   Read the article……………….

HOA Committees – Does your Association Need Them?

In HOAs there are the board members, the HOA property management company, and in most cases committee members. We’ve talked a lot on this blog about the roles and responsibilities of board members and property managers, but today we want to take a closer look at committees and their value.  Depending on your governing documents, your HOA may or may not be required to select a committee. Either way though, we want to highlight five reasons your board should want the support of one. Let’s start the roles and benefits of a committee.    Read the article………………

HOA Homefront: El presidente is not el jefe

The office of HOA president is often misunderstood. And very serious dysfunction for associations and their boards, as well as heartburn for the president, can be the outcome.  At the outset, it is critical to understand that the role of the homeowners association president is dramatically different than the for-profit corporate president.    Read the article…………………

6 Elements of a Successful Monthly Meeting

When I joined the Roundtree Homeowners Association, I did so for the usual reason of wanting a say in maintaining and improving the complex. But when I became president a year later, I had another goal in mind: to make the monthly homeowners meetings less scattered and more productive.  And the results? I’d love to say every meeting now is quick, efficient, and fun—but it’s not. We as a board still go off on tangents, get bogged down in one or more issues, and even have tempers flare occasionally.      Read the article………………

6 Red Flags for Difficult HOA Board Members

A well-focused board of directors is efficient, productive, and in most cases, a pleasure to work with. The board of directors sets the tone for how things get accomplished and how the HOA is maintained overall. But what happens when one, or more, of your directors has personality issues with the rest, or even worse, what if he/she has a hidden agenda and is self-serving? Bogged down in disagreements, nothing really ever gets accomplished. Sound familiar? Read on.    Read the article……………

What Your HOA Governing Documents Mean

Every Homeowner’s Association is governed by a set of documents and laws (which vary from state to state). These governing documents guide how an HOA is run and “what owners must abide by.” As the governing body of an association, the HOA board of directors is ultimately responsible for the direction of how the HOA is run — its implementation of policies and day-to-day management.    Read the article………………

Common Mistakes of HOA Board Members

When it comes to keeping the residents of an HOA happy, it’s up to the board members to uphold its delegated responsibilities and treat everyone with respect. Failing to do so can lead to internal problems and may end up causing legal issues. In order to keep an HOA running smoothly, residents must trust that their board members have their best interests at heart at all times.     Read the article……………….

Building Community in Your HOA

Community living is the pinnacle of comfort and warmth for many people. With uniformity, amenities, and a neighborhood of likeminded peers, residing in an HOA provides you with all the building blocks needed for a top-notch, high-quality lifestyle. When board members take care of their residents by drawing up concrete rules, enforcing those rules fairly, and using their leadership position as a way to improve lives, residents certainly feel all of the positive effects of their efforts.   Read the article……………….

HOA Myths and How To Debunk Them

There are many reasons why potential homebuyers choose to reside in an HOA. From high standards of appearance, to maintenance carried out by the association and other amenities, HOA residents receive several incredible benefits that translate to a rewarding way of living. Still, common myths and misconceptions about how HOAs are run oftentimes taint a resident’s view of their board members.  The HOA’s governing documents lay out the ground rules for what board members are responsible for as well as what residents can and cannot do with their homes and surrounding property. It’s no surprise that antagonism between residents and board members occurs. When homeowners feel as though they’re being slighted by those in charge of the HOA, a crack in the foundation of the community forms.     Read the article………………..