Strabane Manor residents concerned about storm drainage system (PA)

Residents of Strabane Manor Townhomes rallied at the South Strabane Township meeting Tuesday to express concerns about sharing their stormwater drainage system with another homeowners association, Strabane Haven.  The residents in the development of townhouses that sits just off of Fischer Road said they were not aware sharing a drainage system was part of the four-phase plan provided by the developer and builder of both neighborhoods, Maronda Homes and Dan Ryan Builders.    Read the article…………….

Who owns the street, municipality or homeowners association?

Question: My husband and I live in an upscale condominium plan with 28 units owner occupied. Each has a value well in excess of $300,000, resulting in significant tax revenue to the municipality.  But none of us reaps the benefits of street maintenance and snow removal through the taxes we pay. Why? Interesting that a number of this municipality’s residents enjoy walking through our beautiful plan, as do their dogs!     Read the Q&A…………….

Homeowners association and property management group in legal conflict over financial agreement (PA)

A local homeowners association believes its former management company did not live up to a monetary agreement both parties agreed to be bound by, and seeks to obtain a number of related financial records through the lawsuit it has filed.  Middletown Crossing Homeowners Association of Gradyville filed suit in the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas on June 14 versus East Hill Property Management, LLC of Media.     Read the article…………..

Sometimes Rentals Work FOR Associations

One of the topics that confound community associations and their boards is what to do about renters. Many times, the question is what can be done to limit them, prohibit them or somehow control them. The goals of a landlord can be different from the goals of a resident owner, and there are plenty of opportunities for conflict. But is there a time when it pays for the association to be a landlord? What if a zombie house – a delinquent in paying assessments – can be turned into a rent-paying income stream? Certainly, this presupposes a community where rentals are not limited. But, where the option to rent exists (and is permitted by the Governing Documents), new strategies have opened new doors to do just that.    Read the article……………

Social Media in Your Community Association

It’s 2017, and it’s safe to say that there’s no avoiding social media use these days whether it is for personal use, commercial use or even for the benefit of a Community Association. So just how should your Association be handling social media?  In a nutshell, the Association should own its online presence. To begin, every Association should copyright its official, corporate name, as well as other names that may frequently be utilized. This may serve to prevent others from being able to use the Association’s name online.    Read the article……………

Simple Rules of Order for Community Associations

Parliamentary procedure is simple in principle, and valuable in practice. Rules of Order help guide a Board meeting, a Unit Owners meeting or any assembly. Fairly and properly utilized, the Rules of Order protect everyone’s rights.  In large or complex bodies, parliamentary procedure can be exceedingly complicated. In the most formal versions of the Rules of Order, there are layers upon layers of motions and it can take and advance degree to understand or administer them. In most community associations, the approach is more informal. Nevertheless, because a Board can only act through a motion (that is recorded in the Minutes), some form of Rules of Order remains valuable. These principles can keep the well-intentioned Board on a straight path.     Read the article…………….

Accelerating Collections – One Way to Help Speed Things Up

Collecting delinquent assessments can sometimes feel like trying to hit a moving target. You get a judgment, but how do you account for the assessments that came due after you filed, or for the payments that the owner may have paid. By the time you can even try to execute on that judgment, the actual balance may be much higher than the court judgment. How can associations guard against that moving target, and try to make sure they stay ahead of the delinquency curve? One answer may be in your documents, and the extent to which you can “accelerate” delinquent assessments when the time comes for legal proceedings.    Read the article……………

Seniors snagged in Villas of Newtown negotiations over historic farmhouse (PA

The township has always understood that the homeowners association would be part of any eventual agreement, said Ferguson, and representatives from the group met with supervisors before they set conditions for the developer in March 2016. But the association was blindsided when members saw in August they were listed in a draft of the pact, said president Bill Posner, who said a previous version of the document did not include the association.   Read the article…………..

Andover residents go to court to halt Mariner East 2 work (PA)

The Andover homeowners’ association filed a motion in Commonwealth Court Monday seeking a preliminary injunction to halt all work on its open space permitted by the PennDOT highway occupancy permit issued in relation to the Sunoco Logistics L.P. Mariner East 2 pipeline project.  The 350-mile pipeline system, with approximately 11.4 miles to be installed in Delaware County, is slated to bring natural gas liquids such as propane, ethane and butane to the Marcus Hook Industrial Complex. A section would cross Andover’s communal land and the homeowners’ association is requesting a work stoppage until an appropriate dust mitigation plan has been submitted and approved.     Read the article……………

Supervisors meet with HOA reps (PA)

Chadds Ford Township supervisors Wednesday night met with representatives from a variety of homeowners associations. According to Township Manager Amanda Serock, the meeting was designed to improve communication between residents and the township government.

Supervisor Noelle Barbone used the controversial Ridge Road development in Concord Township as an example of why communications within Chadds Ford needs to be improved. That development was approved in 2008 and re-approved in 2014, but most Chadds Ford residents were unaware of the plan that calls for widening Ridge Road from two to six lanes for a short stretch from Route 202.     Read the article…………….

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