‘I did not say they are Nazis:’ Embattled property owner’s group director says he’s a ‘progressive’ (PA)

Zbigniew “Joe” Kowalski sees himself as an underdog, a “progressive” besieged by the power brokers on a homeowner’s association who want to shut him up.  A week ago, a Commonwealth Court panel state refused a plea by his foes on the A Pocono Country Place Property Owners Association to boot him off the group’s board of directors.    Read the article………………

Water service restored at Clairton townhome complex after bill dispute, 6-hour shutoff (PA)

Several hundred Clairton residents lost tap water for about six hours Thursday when Pennsylvania American Water shut off service at the Century Townhomes complex, citing long-unpaid charges.  Water came back on around 6 p.m., although it wasn’t immediately clear what triggered the restoration, nor how much money the utility was seeking.  “The termination of service was the result of a substantial past-due amount, which accrued during a five-year period, from 2012-2017,” the company said in a statement.    Read the article…………….

We can’t boot ‘boorish, sexist’ director off homeowners association board, Pa. court says

Although his behavior might be “deplorable,” a Commonwealth Court panel has refused to remove a director accused of making “boorish, insulting and sexist” comments to female colleagues on a homeowners association.  It is not the court system’s role to intervene in such matters, Senior Judge James Gardner Colins concluded in the state court’s opinion.  That ruling marks the second defeat for the Pocono Country Place Property Owners Association in its attempt to have Zbigniew “Joe” Kowalski booted off its nine-member board.    Read the article………………

Hindu Symbol Prompts Discrimination Lawsuit Against Philadelphia Condo Association (PA)

The beaded Hindu decoration hanging over Akhil Tripathi’s door has been there since 2009. It was a present from his daughter and was blessed by a Hindu priest before the former University of Pennsylvania engineering professor placed it above the entrance to his Center City condo.  That same decoration, called a toran, is now at the center of a federal discrimination lawsuit filed by Tripathi against the Murano Condominium Association, which asked him several times to remove it.     Read the article………………..

Homeowners’ associations are subject of Sunday seminar (PA)

Planned communities and homeowners’ associations are often subject to conflict and sometimes even corruption.  A seminar to educate board members of homeowners’ associations will be held from 2 to 5 p.m. on Sunday, May 6, at the Country Club of the Poconos, Whispering Pines Banquet Hall, 1445 Big Ridge Drive, East Stroudsburg.   State Representative Rosemary M. Brown is hosting the free seminar.    Read the article……………….

Helping Residents Within Private Communities (PA)

When residents of private communities have serious issues, sometimes, they feel they have nowhere to turn. A local legislator has moved one step closer to helping them.  House Bill 595 has made it to Governor Tom Wolf’s desk. State Representative Rosemary Brown held a press conference Wednesday, urging Wolf to sign her bill into law.  Suzanne Mark lives inside Saw Creek Estates in Bushkill. A few years ago, she had issues with the controversial deer cull her community runs.  “We felt as homeowners, we had not been well informed,” Suzanne Mark of Saw Creek Estates explains.     Read the article……………….

Hampton officials respond to snow removal request from Stonebridge Community (PA)

Private developments in Hampton do not receive snow and ice removal by the township for a number of reasons, as noted in a recent discussion at an April 11 council meeting.  Residents of the Stonebridge Community in the township requested such service at the recent meeting. A number of residents were there along with their homeowners association president, who said that as taxpayers they should also get the township service.     Read the article…………….

Philly condominium complex seeking over $19K in unpaid assessments, fees from tenants (PA)

In a new lawsuit, a Philadelphia-based condominium group is seeking unpaid damages exceeding $19,000 from two of its residents connected to allegedly-unpaid assessments and other charges.  Park Plaza Condominium Association of Philadelphia filed suit in the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas on March 28 versus Joel Jaffe and Bonnie Jaffe, also of Philadelphia.    Read the article…………….

Hills and Ridges Doctrine May Provide Protection to Property Owners in Slip-and-Falls (PA)

In Collins v. Philadelphia Suburban Development, 2018 Pa. Super. LEXIS 72 (Jan. 31, 2018), the Superior Court of Pennsylvania recently upheld a verdict against a slip and fall plaintiff who filed a negligence claim against a property sidewalk owner, Philadelphia Suburban Development Corp. (PSDC), and a snow removal company, Ross’s Home Improvement (Ross), following a slip-and-fall incident that occurred during an active blizzard.    Read the article……………

A noisy Queen Village gate turns a young couple’s dream home into a nightmare (PA)

In the year-and-a-half since, the gate has become a regular source of frustration and tension between the couple and the homeowner’s association that they claim isn’t willing to compromise to remedy the situation. (The board, in October 2016, rejected their request to share the costs.)  This, even after the Department of Health’s Air Management Services issued a noise violation to the HoA after City Councilman Mark Squilla’s office intervened last year. It’s basically an “abuse of power” situation, the couple said.     Read the article…………………