Morgan Stanley closing in on $400 million in consumer relief for mortgage bond settlement

Morgan Stanley is nearing the end of its $400 million consumer relief obligation that is part of the $3.2 billion mortgage bond settlement it reached last year. The settlement covers Morgan Stanley’s “deceptive” mortgage bond practices in the run-up to the financial crisis and requires the company to provide $400 million in consumer relief.

Matic Insurance Services announces partnership with LendingQB

Matic Insurance Services, a digital homeowners insurance agency for mortgage borrowers, partnered with LendingQB, a provider of loan origination technology, to further digitalize the mortgage process. This marks the second partnership Matic has announced in September.

Former Fed Governor Kevin Warsh added to Fed chair shortlist

The list continues to grow of people in the running to be the next Federal Reserve chair. The most recent name on the list of possibilities is former Federal Reserve governor Kevin Warsh. Does this mean Gary Cohn is no longer in the running?

Enormous fire tears through condo complex in Lakewood (NJ)

Firefighters battled a raging blaze Friday afternoon that engulfed a building of a large Lakewood condo complex.  The fire broke out around 2:30 p.m. at Covington Village, a community for people over 55 years old, on Sophee Lane. An army of firefighters doused the building with powerful jets of water as a crowd of distraught onlookers gazed at the scene.    Read the article……………………

How an HOA Manager Helps the Board Prepare for Emergency Situations

When people think of an emergency, the first image that usually comes to mind is a natural disaster. But an emergency in your homeowners association isn’t always a flood or fire. There can also be financial or management-related emergencies that an HOA board is faced with. Most Boards aren’t prepared to handle emergencies and can benefit from the expertise of an HOA manager to help them plan for emergency situations. Learn what types of emergencies should be on the radar of your board members.     Read the article……………..

Community Association Budgets: The Art of Guesstimating

It’s that time of year again! Budget season is in full swing in the Community Association industry.  No one likes building a budget, let alone one as complicated as a community budget. The many moving parts of community budget planning will always seem daunting and painful, but it’s still something you’re really going to want to get the jump on sooner rather than later.  This article will be an easy explanation of why you need to get your budget started ASAP, but if you’re looking for a comprehensive resource to use throughout your whole budget planning process, our CAM Budget Survival Guide is just what you need.    Read the article…………..

Are HOA’s Liable for Online Comments? The Answer May Surprise You.

Before you jump right in, please reference our Social Media in the HOA, Part 1, which is a quick lesson on different platforms HOA’s are typically using as online forums!  Are HOA’s liable for what’s posted in online community forums? Well, it depends. We have outlined 3 quick tips on protecting yourself, and your HOA from liability.    Read the article…………..

Ocwen begins settling with states to remove mortgage servicing restrictions

Back in April, more than 20 states clamped business restrictions on Ocwen Financial for alleged rampant errors with homeowners’ escrow accounts and other mortgage servicing issues. Now, five months later, Ocwen is beginning to dig its way out of from under those restrictions, but the company isn’t getting away clean.