Solution possible for Strabane Manor conflict (PA)

South Strabane Township is moving toward a solution for Strabane Manor residents who had a falling out with the developer and builder of the project.  Members of Strabane Manor Homeowners Association rallied at the township’s October meeting, raising concerns Dan Ryan Builders was creating a second homeowners association, Strabane Haven, which would require both associations to share a stormwater drainage system.    Read the article…………….

Pitching to the Board: A Sales Presentation for Management Companies

Getting the meeting is step one.  Whether you reached out to them, or the community came to you looking for new management, you’ve managed to score a meeting to make your presentation to the board. Now it’s time to prepare your pitch.  A pitch deck is a sales presentation (in Powerpoint, Prezi, Sway, or even a printed brochure) in which you present the selling points of your company, and explain why the board should choose you to manage their community association over your competitors.    Read the article…………….

Creating A New Code Of Conduct – When Is It A Good Time?

It has always been the obligation of Board members to serve for the benefit of the entire community. Doing so requires that they carry out their duties in good faith with the care of ordinarily prudent people. To safeguard and promote the welfare of the community, The Condominium Act provides for personal liability if a director or officer breaches their duty and as a result there is a violation of criminal law, an improper personal benefit or their act “constitutes recklessness or an act or omission that was in bad faith, with malicious purpose, or in a manner exhibiting wanton and willful disregard of human rights, safety, or property.” §718.111(1)(d), Fla. Stats.     Read the article…………….

Cleaning Up Mold in Your Community

While the damaging weather seems to be behind us, the water damage can continue to plague communities for months. Don’t let your community be lured into a false sense of security just because the floodwaters have receded. Previously wet flooring, sheet-rock, and furniture may appear dry on the surface, but there is a good chance mold will be an issue. Don’t let it go unnoticed, because if you do, it could develop into a real problem that affects not only your home, but also your health.     Read the article………………

Lakewood’s Eagle Ridge Golf Club: Letters, money pile up against development (NJ)

Just outside of Eve and John McNicholas’ living room window is a rolling green fairway and controversy.  It’s the 27-hole public Eagle Ridge Golf Club, an oasis of open space that has become ground zero in the battle over the township’s rapid growth. The township’s future.  “We loved it until about a year ago,” Eve McNicholas said. “Until all this nonsense started.”  That’s when it was publicly revealed the course had been sold. Months later, developer GDMS Holdings’ proposed a plan for the parcel including 1,800 housing units.    Read the article……………

Here’s How To Make Amenities Management Easier

One of the best selling points to HOA communities is their amenities, especially those who have taken into consideration the wants and needs of its residents.  Whether it’s a community pool and fitness center or neighborhood events and proximity to restaurants and grocery stores, amenities help resale and property values stay high. They also provide a strong sense of community and equality in your HOA neighborhood, as everyone is offered the same benefits.   Read the article……………

Four More Condo Association Website Ideas

In the current age, having good digital outreach is a must. One key way to improve Owner engagement is to have a strong website. Maintaining a website is easy, but ensuring that you have compelling and useful content is the challenge. Here are four Condo Association website ideas to help you take your content to the next level.    Read the article…………..

HOA Selective Enforcement

Enforcement of the rules and regulations of an HOA can be an intimidating challenge at the best of times. Many of the rules may seem impossible to enforce, and homeowners may often challenge an enforcement that they feel is unwarranted or unfairly implemented. In some cases, a resident may plead “selective enforcement” in a court. If you are new to a homeowners association board, you may be unfamiliar with the term. The purpose of this article is to clarify the term and to help you to form the best defense should such a claim be brought against your board.   Read the article……………….

Robots take over real estate – now giving guided property tours

An artificial intelligence company seeking to help real estate agents manage their properties online introduced its new robot that gives prospective renters a guided tour of the property. Included is a video showing what these new robot-guided tours would look like.