Valentine Dickerson, SVP of compliance at Proctor Financial, retires after 40 years in the industry

Valentine Dickerson announced her retirement after over 40 years of service to the mortgage industry. A highly respected leader, Dickerson has served at Proctor Financial since 1996, where she has embodied Proctor Financial’s mission of unwavering integrity, dedication to excellence, commitment to service, superior performance, and high value execution in the mortgage servicing industry. 

What Do Your HOA Rules Say About Legalized Marijuana? (CA)

Do you have to put up with the smoke and smell from marijuana? The simple answer is NO.  Possession and use of marijuana is now legal in California stemming from the passage of Proposition 64. That brings the total number of states where recreational use is legal to seven. That does NOT mean that your HOA property owner can smoke it and blow the noxious smoke into another unit’s area.    Read the article……………….

Built Technologies hires new chief technology officer

Built Technologies, a technology company bringing construction lending to the digital age, recently appointed Matthew Russell as its new chief technology officer. And this new hire marks the beginning of the company’s plans for expansion.

Value of U.S. housing market climbs to record $31.8 trillion

The total value of all homes in the U.S. increased in 2017 to a total $31.8 trillion, according to the latest report from Zillow. To put it in perspective, the total value of the housing market is 1.5 times greater than the gross domestic product of the U.S., and nearly three times that of China.

2018: The year of the title company

The real estate industry made significant movement this year toward improved communications between all the professionals and consumers that are required for a property sale. At the core of this is a concerted effort by the title industry to apply technology to modernize and upgrade the closing process.

The role of a healthy marketplace in real estate sales

The core of any real estate marketplace is the ability to provide an accurate read on pricing paired with the ability to efficiently support the selling of real estate in any market condition. A healthy marketplace, such as, will consist of buyers who continually find attractive opportunities, sellers that receive market prices and qualified bids early and often, and the process of transferring ownership through the marketplace will be effective and risk-free.

Trouble in Tamiment (PA)

The Glen at Tamiment is “collapsing like a house of cards,” resident Jeff Godlewski said. A slew of firings and resignations is the latest result of infighting among the private community’s leaders.  “They run this place like it’s a boy’s club,” said Godlewski, who chairs the Glen Advisory Committee. The homeowner-elected group makes recommendations to the Glen’s Board of Directors, but has no authority in its decisions.  Godlewski is also one of four Glen residents who filed a lawsuit against the community in 2016 for amending its bylaws 10 years earlier. The outcome of that case has yet to be decided.      Read the article………………

Duty of Care Existed for Condo Association in Case of Missing Handrail, Court Says (NJ)

A New Jersey appeals court ruled that a condominium association’s duty to ensure that common areas are kept in safe conditions included the use of a center handrail on a wide staircase, and didn’t hinge on the plaintiff’s legal status.  A three-judge Appellate Division panel, in Lechler v. 303 Sunset Avenue Condominium Association, said an association can be held negligent if a unit owner is injured because of a dangerous condition in a common area, “and that duty extended to residents of the condominium building, regardless of their characterization as licensees or invitees.”

Fannie Mae makes more information available for risk-sharing investors

A recent report suggested that the government-sponsored enterprises’ risk-sharing deals will be a big target for investors in 2018. In order to provide investors with as much detail as possible, Fannie Mae announced this week that it is making additional disclosures about some of its risk-sharing deals.