Short-Term Rentals: Neighborhood Nuisance, or Necessary Evil? (AZ)

With the advent in the past 5 years of short-term rental websites and apps like Airbnb, VRBO, and Homeaway, many homeowners raced to see what their association’s governing documents allow when it comes to leasing and renting of lots and units. Many individuals praise the growing popularity of short-term rentals, citing the economic benefits for those renting out their properties, and the benefits of convenience, comfort, and choices for those looking for alternatives to the hotel industry. However, not everyone sees agrees with these benefits, and point to the less desirable traits that these “weekend guests” bring with them, such as increase in traffic, security issues, and increase in noise and trash, etc.     Read the article……………….

The Statute of Limitations in Collecting a Debt (FL)

All states have a limitations period which restricts the time period that you can file suit to collect a debt. Some statute of limitations periods are as short as one year and some up to 20 years. In Florida, generally, the limitations period to sue to collect an unpaid obligation is five years for a written contract and four years on an unwritten agreement (see Florida Statutes Chapter 95).     Read the article……….

What to Do About Subdivision Roads—The Orphan Road Conundrum

For many homeowners associations roads can be a source of constant consternation. Most homeowners do not make their home-buying decision based on the condition of the roads in the community or on the responsibility of the community to maintain subdivision roads. Where the community is responsible for the roads, it can be one of the largest budget expenses, often taking years of planning and saving to tackle. Even then, it may require special assessments or other methods to raise the funds to handle.      Read the article…………….

How to Actually Get Things Accomplished at Your HOA Board Meeting

It’s a new year, and that means a new round of board meetings. Since the Davis-Stirling act requires that HOA board meetings take place, you might as well take part in achieving the best and most successful meeting possible.  HOA board meetings are a golden opportunity for community members to know the issues that impact one of their most treasured investments…their home. The following six tips for meetings can help.     Read the article………………..

Buying in a Golf Course Community Association – What to Consider

You are thinking about purchasing a property that is in a golf course community association, what a great idea. You know the obvious perks. The beauty of a meticulously manicured fairway and of course the golf, are some of the biggest motivations for such a decision. What you do not know, however, is what you need to find out.  There are three major aspects to consider when buying a home in a golf course community…      Read the article…………

Should Your Community Report Delinquent Assessments to the Credit Bureaus?

We have been asked by several clients over the past year about whether they can report delinquent assessment debt to the credit bureaus, or whether we will do so on their behalf. This article is intended to walk you through our general position on this matter. While we draw some conclusions herein, this is not intended as legal advice to any one client.  There are two recent events that make this question a relevant one for your community. First, Equifax announced last year that it would accept information regarding community association fees and begin including those payments on consumers’ credit reports.     Read the article……………..

JPMorgan Chase shakes up senior leadership, Dimon staying five more years

Daniel Pinto and Gordon Smith have been appointed co-presidents and co-chief operating officers of JPMorgan Chase. Both men will retain their current positions and continue to report to Jamie Dimon, chairman and CEO, who indicated he will be staying with the bank for five more years.

Waterstone Mortgage changes up leadership in Southeastern U.S.

Waterstone Mortgage Corp. recently announced it is making changes to its leadership in the Southeast with the appointments of three new regional vice presidents. The national lender added David Holbrook, Dustin Owen and Michael Smalley as regional vice presidents for the Southeastern area of the nation.

SEC halts $600 million alleged cryptocurrency scam that aimed to revolutionize banking

The Securities and Exchange Commission halted the operations of a company that claimed it raised $600 million in an initial coin offering as part of an effort to “revolutionize banking” using cryptocurrency. The SEC complaint alleges that AriseBank used social media, a celebrity endorsement (from Evander Holyfield, no less), and other tactics to raise hundreds of millions of dollars in just a few months.

BRAWL demands removal of NAMB president John Stevens

A new movement among mortgage brokers, BRAWL, Brokers Rallying Against Whole-tail Lending, is now petitioning for the National Association of Mortgage Brokers’ president John Stevens to step down or be fired.