Your Guide to Maintaining Outdoor Structures

A lot of homeowners don’t think about their outdoor structures too often. I’m talking about your sheds, decks, fences, or pools. But the fact is, these structures are part of your home and need the same maintenance and care that you need to give to your house. Ignoring your regular maintenance can end up costing you big in the long-term, or worse – lead to an avoidable accident.  Always keep an eye out for signs of water damage like mold and rot. Rotted wood needs to be replaced, because it compromises the strength of the structure.    Read the article…………….

Fining For Violations-Proper Process is Key (NC)

Our clients often ask us what can be done about homeowners who are clearly violating the Association’s governing documents. Both the North Carolina Planned Community and Condominium Acts (“Acts”) have mirror provisions and procedures for the imposition of fines. Imposing fines often causes a great amount of heartburn for Boards as they are tasked with enforcing the Association’s governing documents against a neighbor. While it can be an uncomfortable position to be in, our advice is that if the Board is not willing to enforce their governing documents, the documents might as well not exist.     Read the article…………….

Condominium Association – When Does a Home Business Become An Issue?

More and more people these days are either telecommuting or engaged in the “gig economy” – freelancing out of their homes. Many of these home businesses are not an issue for the association – but some are. With more owners not wanting to buy in developments that disallow home-based businesses, condominium associations need to address the issue in a way that is fair to all of their residents.

Tips to Hold a Smooth HOA Board Election

An HOA board election is a meeting of the membership during which homeowners come together to elect officials to serve on the board of their HOA. (Membership meetings should not be confused with board meetings, which are meetings where members of the HOA board discuss and vote on association business issues.)   Read the article……………..

JMAC Lending expands operations, opens new headquarters

California-based JMAC Lending, announced the opening of its new corporate headquarters. The new HQ for the company is located in Orange County and the new workspace more than doubles the lender’s office space, providing a central operating center to support the company’s clients and strategic business initiatives, the company said.

Hispanic community continues to drive homeownership growth

The Hispanic community continues to drive homeownership growth in the U.S. In fact, Hispanics became the only demographic to have increased their homeownership rate for the last three consecutive years. However, several factors are still holding them back from further homeownership gains.

Ocwen buying PHH for $360 million in cash

In a deal that seemingly comes out of nowhere, Ocwen Financial announced Tuesday afternoon that it is buying PHH Corp. for $360 million in cash. The deal comes after years of turmoil for both companies that led to significant shifts in each companies’ business. Click the headline for the full details of the deal.

Marcos Alvarado named iStar chief investment officer

iStar announced Tuesday that Marcos Alvarado joined the firm as its chief investment officer. Alvarado will serve as a member of the senior executive team where he will oversee originations and growth across the company’s diversified $5 billion investment portfolio.

Ocwen settles with Maryland, but settlement carries stiffer penalties than previous states

In the last several months, Ocwen reached settlements with nearly every one of the 31 states that took regulatory actions against the nonbank last year over alleged escrow and other mortgage servicing issues. Ocwen continued that settlement streak this week, reaching a settlement with Maryland, but while many of the previous settlements carried similar terms, the Maryland settlement goes even further and carries stiffer penalties.