At East Hill we do business with people and those relationships matter.  Our first priority is to build dependable relationships with the residents we serve, and we do this through timely responsive communications.  We are committed to having a senior team member accessible to each of our communities.  East Hill offers a variety of methods for contacting us directly on non-urgent requests and comments.  Please feel free to call or email your property manager or the East Hill business office directly.

Our Relationships with business partners and suppliers for the communities we manage are an integral part of our team.  We couldn’t provide our premier service owner’s expect without them.

Our community service team also includes relationships with:

  • Alliance Association Bank and Lockbox to provide secure, auditable financial transactions. In addition through East Hill, they provide HOA loans, a personal banking specialist for each community, and secure on-line access to the accounts.
  • Mutual of Omaha Bank and VIP provide a suite of cash management tools that allow for payment processing, easy access to funds and real-time information reporting. VIP processes invoices and creates an automated workflow from invoice receipt through payment.
  • The Caliber Community Portal for residents and Association Board members.
    • Caliber is an accounting software product with fully integrated property management It offers real time board access to AP, AR, GL, cash, accrual, and compliance, maintenance, architectural, and delinquencies.
    • Homeowners can perform a number of tasks in the Caliber Web Portal View their account, add, edit, and delete Email addresses and phone numbers, updating their mailing address (with appropriate permissions), updating date of birth, changing their password, and setting mailing preferences are the primary tasks that are available to homeowners.
    • Board members and committee members can also log into Caliber Web. What they see depends on how you’ve configured access for their association and the boards or committees they are members of. Board Members can view and approve AP invoices online as well as see the entire community data for compliance, maintenance and even delinquent owners. Board members can view real time accounting information by logging into the bank through Caliber and daily transactions. Documents of all types can be shared and organized in the documents section. This visibility of data enhances communication for all.
    • For additional information on Caliber visit their website at
  • Pilera Community and Website Portal offering:
      • Timely Service and Emergency Communication- Whether you are emailing an entire community or messaging a resident one-on-one, Pilera’s complete communication suite includes automated SMS text messaging, voice calls and customized email tailored to your needs.  A searchable archive and delivery confirmation on each message helps ensure residents stay connected. No competing product offers you more in one platform.
      • Accounting Integration- Pilera has taken the time to build the most robust integration available with association accounting products. Pilera connects directly to 7 accounting providers to ensure your data is kept in sync. Residents can access ledger and balance information 24 hours a day and take care of payments right online.

  • CondoCerts: In addition to processing re-sale certs, owners can also request association documents and financial forms that need to be completed.
  • Create a Closer Community with our Professionally Developed Newsletters: In addition, we facilitate Board and EHPM communications to residents concerning news and events specific to each community. We partner with professionals that offer expertise in this area and we employ one of the most professional cloud based email software solutions available, Constant Contact to deliver monthly newsletters as well as timely community alerts.
  • Equifax Credit Reporting (Option): We have also partnered with a company which reports dues and delinquencies to Equifax. Through East Hill, communities may elect to have association dues reported to Equifax.  This service is customized for each community and provided for an additional fee. This service reduced receivables by 46%.
    • Additional benefits of a Credit Reporting Service:
      • Improving owners credit scores
      • Improving cash flow
      • Reducing legal fees
      • Expand access to individual credit
      • Improve chances of association access to credit
      • Reducing budget expenditures