Oops! Who’s on the Hook for Eight Years of Unbilled Fees? (NY)

Most co-op and condo boards rely on the vital income from various fees – for parking, sublets, and the storage of bikes and other belongings. But at a tight-knit, 15-unit co-op in Manhattan, the board recently discovered that one shareholder has never been charged for his storage space, which costs $40 a month. His eight years of missed fees add up to about $3,800. Board members are divided about how to proceed: Some think the shareholder should be billed for the whole amount; others think the board should split it with him; and others think that he isn’t liable since it was the building’s error. Ethics aside, the board president writes to the Ask Real Estate column in the New York Times, what are a board’s legal responsibilities?     Read the article………………

Why Scoop the Poop?

Americans adore their pets. More than 43 million dogs and 36 million cats live in U.S. households—and many of them belong to the 68 million Americans who live in homeowners associations, condominiums, cooperatives, and common-interest communities. Besides being a nuisance, uncollected pet waste is a serious problem. Remember these facts:    Read the article………………..

Summer Safety Tips for Your HOA

Summer break offers excellent opportunities to spend time with family! With open community pools, vacations, and day trips with the kids, we’re sure you’ll be plenty busy in the coming weeks. We know board members like you are committed to ensuring the safety of homeowners who enjoy HOA amenities during weekend barbecues and pool parties. So, we’d like to offer some great tips for staying safe this summer in the sun, in the water, at the grill, or on the trail.     Read the article…………….

Can my North Carolina HOA ban smoking?

I get asked this question frequently. With more public and private facilities now smoke-free, and the knowledge of the dangers of even remote second hand smoke widespread, non-smoking owners and board members start to wonder if they can limit or even prohibit smoking within their communities.     Read the article………………

But I’ve Never Had to Do It That Way Before! Industry Primer: All Attorneys are Different (NC)

To follow up on my last blog post, I have to believe that every attorney who practices has been confronted with the statement “but I’ve never had to do it that way before”. Please believe that despite the image of attorneys driving up costs for their clients, most real estate attorneys are working off of a fee-based system and generally do not want to create unnecessary work or delays for themselves or others.    Read the article………………..

Communication is Key to Hurricane Preparation and Rebuilding (FL)

Last year, Hurricane Irma proved that, whether you live in a high-rise or a gated community, hurricanes are a real risk. Community association boards should have a hurricane preparedness plan to minimize damage and risk to homes and residents. But the strongest hurricane preparedness plan won’t be very effective if it hasn’t been properly communicated to residents or if the community’s staff and vendors don’t know their roles. Make sure that everyone knows what to do by following these important recommendations.     Read the article……………….

Garage Sale or Thrift Shop in Disguise? Doesn’t Matter. Your Homeowners Association Can do Something About it

This time of year a lot of people are cleaning out their closets, gathering up unused household items, and having garage sales. It is also the time when many communities are having community-wide garage sales. But what about the homeowners who on a regular basis fill their driveway with multiple used strollers, suitcases, microwaves, vacuums, toaster ovens, mountains of clothes and the occasional spare tire? Can this possibly be a legitimate garage sale or is it really a thrift shop business in disguise?    Read the article…..

Basic Tips for Hiring a Community Association Manager

Community association property management is a field that has experienced significant growth in recent years. Florida Law requires licensure by individuals who, for compensation, provide management services for community associations with more than ten (10) units, or those with annual budgets that exceed $100,000 (CAM licensing). Currently, Florida has over 10,000 licensed property managers. As such, it is incumbent on your association to do its homework before hiring a property manager.    Read the article…………….