Hasidic Jews sue Highland Lake Estates for $7.5M, claiming discrimination (NJ)

The welcome page on Highland Lake Estates’ internet site boasts about its diverse and multicultural community, but 11 Hasidic Jews paint a very different picture of the Highland Mills, Orange County, neighborhood.  They have sued the homeowners association, property manager and board members for $7.5 million, claiming that Highland Lake Estates is hostile to their religious practices.   Read the article…………….

NJ condo boards owe residents thousands for banning support animals

Two pet owners who say they were discriminated against because they were not allowed to have their support animals live with them scored victories after a state watchdog agency sicced attorneys on their condo boards.  The settlements were announced by the state Attorney General’s Office, with one person from Perth Amboy getting $10,000 and other concessions, and another from Ridgefield Park getting $16,000.    Read the article……………….

Residents Allege Pizzeria Is Blowing Smoke Into Their Condo (NJ)

Residents of a New Jersey condominium allege a local pizzeria is blowing smoke into their building.  A municipal court trial date has been set for Izzy’s Pizzeria owner Dimitri Vlahakis in Edgewater. The Record reports he is accused of violating the borough’s health code by letting the smoke from his wood-burning oven into nearby condominiums.   Read the article……………….

FDCPA & Debts That Can Cause Despair

The Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”) 15 U.S.C.A. § 1692, et seq. applies to attorneys engaged in the collection of debt for community associations. The language contained in demand letters is a frequent source of FDCPA litigation. Liability is often imposed based on certain words contained in or omitted from the letter.    Read the article……………….

Ramapough Indians File Federal Lawsuit Against Town, Polo Club (NJ)

The Ramapough Lenape Nation filed a federal lawsuit Monday that alleges the town has illegally fined them $480,000 and is taking away the tribe’s constitutional rights.  The land, which the tribe calls the Sweet Water Prayer Site, is at the mouth of the Ramapo and Mahwah rivers. It is “a sacred site of immense importance to the Ramapoughs,” who have held “prayer and community cultural assembly” there for centuries. Religious ceremonies, pipe ceremonies, and sweat-lodge sessions are held on the land, the complaint states. The tribe’s sacred prayer circle and a stone altar are on the site. Other structures were erected in protest of the proposed Pilgrim Pipeline in New Jersey and the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota.    Read the article……………..

Q&A: Barking Dog – Please Help! (NJ)

Q: Our community has a resident who leaves their unattended, large service dog on the balcony. The dog barks once or twice every time it sees anyone walk by. This goes on all day and evening. The tenant is a renter and efforts to have them keep the dog inside have failed. Please help!    Read the Q&A……………..

Condominium complex fire displaces dozens of residents (NJ)

A fast-moving fire at a southern New Jersey condominium complex has displaced more than 50 residents.  But the cause of the fire at Willingboro Square remains under investigation.  The blaze started around 4:15 p.m. Monday in a corner unit of the complex in Willingboro. Dozens of firefighters soon responded and were able to bring the blaze under control in about 90 minutes.     Read the article……………..

60 Acre Residents: Silence Becomes A “Yes” Vote (NJ)

Signs were seen and signatures sought as part of an effort by residents of the 60 Acre Reserve Condominium Association to modify a measure coming up for a vote concerning electronic voting.  Resident Robert Skinner, who heads the 60 Acre Reserve Activists Facebook page, spearheaded a rally on April 21 to bring awareness of the issue that involves the idea of the development’s residents voting on association issues via e-mail.    Read the article…………….