Pittston Township faces lawsuit over roads (PA)

A local homeowners association has filed suit over the quality of roads in a township subdivision.  The Q.H. Homeowners Association filed suit Wednesday against Pittston Twp., as well as the boroughs of Dupont and Avoca, the Luzerne County Planning Commission, and the administrator of the estates of developer Alvin and Beulah Rothstein.     Read the article………………

Landslide in North Strabane Township threatens to damage homes, forces road closure (PA)

A landslide behind some homes in the Majestic Hills community in North Strabane Township resulted in the closing of Forest Lane Drive and has some homeowners worried that their homes will become uninhabitable.  Homeowners attended Tuesday’s nonlegislative meeting of the township supervisors to show photos of a crack in the backyards of four homes that grew in about a week into a 30-foot slide.     Read the article………………….

One water meter for 425 homes plus three bankruptcies: A world of problems in Clairton community (PA)

Water still flows from the faucets at Century Townhomes, a 425-unit apartment complex in Clairton.  But an ongoing legal battle in bankruptcy court over hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid water bills could shape the site’s future and have lasting impact on residents there.  When Pennsylvania American Water shut off the taps at the complex for about six hours last month, it was the latest twist in a years-long utilities saga for the properties.    Read the article……………..

Policyholder accuses State Farm and Firstline insurance companies of not covering losses to Brookhaven property (PA)

A policyholder whose apartment suffered physical loss and damages claims that a pair of major insurance companies have failed and refused to provide her the coverage that was due her in this situation, under those same policies.  Miesja Cubito of Brookhaven filed suit in the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas on May 22 versus State Farm Fire and Casualty Company of Bloomington, Ill. and Firstline National Insurance Company, of Bel Air, Md.  According to the suit, State Farm had issued a policy to Trimble Run Condominium Association covering Cubito’s apartment property     Read the article………………..

New law targets homeowner association disputes (PA)

Residents of private communities in Pennsylvania have been given an additional resource to help resolve complaints against their “micro-governments.”  Gov. Tom Wolf on May 4 signed House Bill 595, sponsored by Rep. Rosemary Brown (R-Monroe/Pike), to expand the powers of the Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection regarding how Homeowner Association disputes are handle.    Read the article………………

Property manager accused of stealing $77K from homeowners’ association (PA)

A property management company manager is accused of stealing more than $77,000 from a Susquehanna Township homeowners’ association.  Christopher James Davis, 27, who operated Delaware Valley Property Management LLC, is charged with stealing $77,290.46 from the Waverly Woods development’s homeowners association accounts, Susquehanna Township police say.     Read the article……………….

‘I did not say they are Nazis:’ Embattled property owner’s group director says he’s a ‘progressive’ (PA)

Zbigniew “Joe” Kowalski sees himself as an underdog, a “progressive” besieged by the power brokers on a homeowner’s association who want to shut him up.  A week ago, a Commonwealth Court panel state refused a plea by his foes on the A Pocono Country Place Property Owners Association to boot him off the group’s board of directors.    Read the article………………

Water service restored at Clairton townhome complex after bill dispute, 6-hour shutoff (PA)

Several hundred Clairton residents lost tap water for about six hours Thursday when Pennsylvania American Water shut off service at the Century Townhomes complex, citing long-unpaid charges.  Water came back on around 6 p.m., although it wasn’t immediately clear what triggered the restoration, nor how much money the utility was seeking.  “The termination of service was the result of a substantial past-due amount, which accrued during a five-year period, from 2012-2017,” the company said in a statement.    Read the article…………….

We can’t boot ‘boorish, sexist’ director off homeowners association board, Pa. court says

Although his behavior might be “deplorable,” a Commonwealth Court panel has refused to remove a director accused of making “boorish, insulting and sexist” comments to female colleagues on a homeowners association.  It is not the court system’s role to intervene in such matters, Senior Judge James Gardner Colins concluded in the state court’s opinion.  That ruling marks the second defeat for the Pocono Country Place Property Owners Association in its attempt to have Zbigniew “Joe” Kowalski booted off its nine-member board.    Read the article………………

Hindu Symbol Prompts Discrimination Lawsuit Against Philadelphia Condo Association (PA)

The beaded Hindu decoration hanging over Akhil Tripathi’s door has been there since 2009. It was a present from his daughter and was blessed by a Hindu priest before the former University of Pennsylvania engineering professor placed it above the entrance to his Center City condo.  That same decoration, called a toran, is now at the center of a federal discrimination lawsuit filed by Tripathi against the Murano Condominium Association, which asked him several times to remove it.     Read the article………………..